Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) Statement on Torturing Khaled Mohammed Saeed to Death by Policemen

Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) Statement on Torturing Khaled Mohammed Saeed to Death by Policemen
Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) expresses its strong worry and concern about the increased negative feelings among the Egyptian people towards the performance of the Egyptian police that became very distant from its main role of maintaining the security and safety of the Egyptian Citizens.
Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) followed with the Egyptians the awful crime
of torturing to death Khalid Mohammed Saeed, from Alexandria who became another victim of torture by the policemen under the Emergency Law.
EDA while sending its sincere condolences to the bereaved family, stressing that this deliberate tragic murder done by a body sanctioned by the constitution with a specific mission is to protect people deserves a lot of attention, and deep censure and condemnation. Even if Khaled Mohamed Saeed is a criminal as noted by prosecution in contrary to what all his neighbors assured, does this justify his torture to death?

Khaled Mohammed Saeed murder by the policemen after his torture and abuse and the many other previous violations monitored and documented by Human Rights organizations about the torture that has become a part of the daily life in Egypt reflects lack of interest of the Interior Ministry on rebuilding the trust of the Egyptian people in its role. This happens in the time it drops its role in maintaining citizens’ security in favor of the political security. Interior Ministry puts all its efforts and tools funded from taxpayers to suppress protests and undermine opposition parties, as well as social and political movements.

Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) understands that General Habib al-Adly, the Minister of Interior has appointed to his post after Luxor Massacre where a large number of innocent people have been murdered. However, this does not explain why he is kept in his post for more than 13 years despite all incidents happened during his terms, terrorist bombings, low level of criminal security, torture and shedding citizen’s dignity incidents, and sectarian violence incidents where some security leaders were involved.
Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) rings alarm bell regarding discontent and anger People and had on trespass of the Egyptian police, warning about the seriousness of the lack of trust between citizens and police. EDA demands the following:
1. Minister of Interior should be held accountable both politically and legally on the crimes of done by his men.

2. Political Police in its new version, of State Security should be broken up as Egypt’s security is the security of its citizens not the security of the ruling party and its statesmen.

3. All those who are politically and criminally liable for murder of the Egyptian citizen Khalid Mohammed Saeed should be brought to justice.

4. To issue a legislation of a law criminalizing torture by a public employee whether against an ordinary citizen, suspect or the accused citizen.

Cairo on 12/06/2010

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